Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Joan Zaino was famous for two things: her love of her family and her love of baking. 

“Family and friends meant everything to my mother and baking for them was how she showed her love,” said Jeanne Zaino Petti, Joan’s daughter. 

When Joan passed away six years ago, her prize Kitchen Aid mixer, pictured, was packed away. In the years that followed, (it never gets easier, Jeanne said) a bright spot appeared–it soon became apparent that from Joan, Jeanne’s own daughter had inherited the baking gene. So when Jeanne recently found the mixer during a move, she knew she had to make it part of her family’s lives again. Enter The Heirloomist. 

“My mother loved her Kitchen Aid mixer - she swore every recipe she used it for came out better because of it. But I think the true magic of this mixer belonged to the one who used it– for she used it with LOVE,” Jeanne said.

The end result: a larger-than-life photograph of the prize mixer now fills a once-empty wall in the family’s new dining room. 

This is the most wonderful tribute to your mom, Jeanne. She must have been an amazing human because you are too. It is an absolute honor to be a part of your new home.