Lara Wilinsky was secretly plotting her mom’s birthday gift when she found a collection of handwritten letters from her grandmother. 

“Hi my kids,” many of the notes begin. “Be careful!” most of them are signed. And our favorite, “I’m sending you 20 bucks.” 

The notes had been packed away for 40 years but the collection illustrated the timeless connection between a mother and daughter. So we worked with the family to turn that into art. The result is this collage-style print of Letty Goodman’s greatest hits. It was present by the family to her daughter, Betsy Wolinksy, on her 60th birthday.

“I look at this beautiful piece of art and words from my mom every single day,” wrote Betsy. She remembers her mom for her fabulous personalized stationary.

“My kids absolutely knew the way to my heart,” she said of her personalized birthday gift.

Lara, working with you to capture your grandma’s spirit for your mom’s birthday was special. This was a genius idea and we LOVE your family so much for wanting to preserve it ALL.

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