Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Behold the “Love Timeline”. So genius we might just trademark it.

Meet the Weinsteins. Their daughter tried to surprise them for their 50th wedding anniversary by asking them each separately for a keepsake that represents their love for one another. The goal was for husband and wife to both surprise the other with an Heirloomist photograph. But they ended up telling each other about it.

“They couldn’t keep their missions to themselves,” their daughter, Dara said. ( Just LOLed.)

The result: we combined all their chosen keepsakes into one photograph which Dara lovingly coined “The Love Timeline.”

From left to right:

-The mini golf scorecard from their first date (We’re not saying who won.)

-Mrs. Weinstein’s Red Cross pin signifying she was “pinned”

-Her datebook turned to the page of her wedding day. “No more waiting!” is says. “Mrs. Burt Weinstein!” she wrote.

-Lastly, the yellow button name tags given to Burt and Sandy on their honeymoon at the famous now closed Birchwood resort.

Documenting the objects that started FIFTY YEARS of life and adventure was true honor. Even better, Dara reports her parents rearranged the house to showcase their timeline front and center! Dara, you were so much fun and we loved making this “non-surprise” for your parents! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BERT AND SANDY!