Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

May we introduce you to a young gentleman named Van. Van is highly skilled in drawing, painting, and melting your heart. He also has two sidekicks named Foxy and Fluff.

Van's mother, Caroline, always knew Foxy and Fluff were VIP members of the family but when they started showing up in Van's artwork, she had an idea: she sent Foxy and Fluff off to The Heirloomist for their own photoshoot. An almost 2ft tall photograph resulted, a terrific tribute to her son's constant companions.

This was a move worthy of the Most Thoughtful Mom award. Thank you, Caroline, for being so fun to work with! And Van-- thanks for trusting us with your sidekicks!

FUN FACT: Foxy and Fluff were the first subjects in a new program called The Heirloomist For Kids™. We can now photograph your child's most prize possessions and overnight them back to you on the same day they arrive. Because no kid wants to be without their Foxy or Fluff. And we agree!