Once while responding to a residential fire, fireman Lt. John "Jack" Burton caught a toddler who fell from a burning building. As he bent over to put the child down, a falling baby landed on Burton's back. The chance encounter broke the baby's fall and saved its life. It also earned Burton a nickname in the press--the human safety net.

This is Jack Burton's helmet. He was a third generation fireman who served the town of Lawrence, MA for almost 30 years. He was a member of the Coast Guard, the Arson task force, and served on various Ambulance, Engine, and Ladder and Rescue Companies through out his career.

There will be no surprise when we tell you that Lt. Burton was named Firefighter of Year. TWICE.

"Jack always said being a firefighter was the best job in the world, " wrote Ann Tirrell, Jack's daughter-in-law. She commissioned this 40" portrait for her husband, Paul. Jack was his dad.

Lt. Burton passed in February of 2019. Ann, thank you for letting us make this incredibly powerful tribute to your father-in-law. Paul, thank you for theses awesome pictures! We salute your father and his brothers and all first responders for being our human safety nets.

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