Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Two matchboxes. Two very fashionable designers. One goal: capture the spirit of the interior design partnership that is Tilton Fenwick.

One half of the duo, Anne Maxwell Foster, recently commissioned us to make a photograph of her company's signature matchboxes as a gift for her business partner, Suysel dePedro Cunningham.​ If our art was going to live up to the company's bright, polished aesthetic, we knew we'd have to double down on the creativity. 

So with some behind-the-scenes pro tricks, we tumbled the matchboxes for forward motion and intertwined all the bright yellow match sticks midair. The resulting photograph is high energy, interactive, and fun, just like the Tilton Fenwick brand. It's also a symbolic shot of their journey as designers.

"We had 2500 of these branded matches made for our first Showhouse in 2011, less than a year into our business. They went like hot cakes and had to be refilled. Today just a few remain," Anne wrote.

Anne, thank you for the terrific challenge of illustrating and honoring the amazing brand you and Suysel have built! Time for a matchbox refill!

You can view all the interior design work of Tilton Fenwick at www.tiltonfenwick.com.

Anne and Suysel's portrait is by photographer Brittany Ambridge.