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When Megann Thompson sent us the backstory behind this "I Love You" note, we knew her words would tell the story far better than we ever could....
"My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1984 at the age of 26, I was 6 months old. When they operated to remove the tumor, they damaged some areas causing the right side of his body, shoulder to foot, to become paralyzed. The tumor removal also effected his speech.  
My dad was an all star athlete in high school, and was finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. 
His prognosis after surgery was to be wheelchair bound and a short life span, ranging 3-5 years. My dad defied the odds and lived almost 23 years, passing away shortly after his 49th birthday. 
During his time with us, he found a way to walk and talk that worked for him. He continued to assist with local sports. 
The note I sent to had photographed is one of the only things I have left and to me, it’s priceless. I remember the day he gave it to me, along with another note with a drawing of a little stick figure man surrounded by a maze. 
Although he could say “I Love You”, it took a lot of concentration and was usually broken into pieces several seconds apart. I know for him to draw this for me took him a long time too. 
I chose to put my print in my kids playroom, I speak often to them about their GrandPa Tommy, and my son is named Thomas after him. We spend a lot of time together in that room and it’s a gentle reminder of his love for me and his love for my babies. 
 The note is coming up on 30 years ago this July, I’ve carried it around in a small frame all these years, but thanks to you, it finally has a spot and size it deserves."

Megann, THANK YOU for letting us make this awesome tribute to your dad!