Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

It is an Heirloomist tradition to celebrate the significance of everyday objects and the life stories they hold.
In that spirit I present you with a personal heirloom, a jean jacket given to me by my first bosses, Sharon Anderson and then Creative Director of Lucky magazine, Andrea Linett.
Seventeen years and running, this jean jacket has LIVED. It has traveled to several hemispheres, been on mountains, beaches, deserts and every inch of New York City. It's been on stage at an Allman Brother’s concert, held babies, and made bonfires. And its been stained with red wine more times than I can remember.
I was wearing this jean jacket when a member of Led Zeppelin grabbed my ass. I won’t mention his name because I somehow managed to retain respect for him.
Joking aside, this jean jacket plays my greatest hits. I wanted to photograph it because it stands for some of the best parts of my life and that is art to me.


I bet you have a similar belonging. I’d really like to hear about it. Email us at theheirloomist@gmail.com to inquire about bookings and availability.