Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

It’s official! You can melt The Heirloomist’s New York City heart all the way from Napa.
Writes Megan Lee of the bunny photograph her mother commissioned for her:

"The most precious addition to Baby L’s nursery. That bunny in the picture was my most prized possession as a child. My parents named him Stinky because I would suck on his ears with my baby milk breath. Stinky came back and forth with me between my parents houses and pretty much anywhere else I could take him, I did. Now he’ll watch over our baby boy as he grows up. Thank you so much to my Momma for the sweetest gift and to @theheirloomist for capturing him so well. I can’t think of anything more special to live in my son’s room.”

Megan and Alicia Sundst, we are so incredibly honored to be a part of your nursery. Stinky is the best!