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Surprising a Teenager 

When Stephane Silverman's oldest daughter, Zoe, turned 13, he thought about getting her an iphone. "But I wanted to do something a little more special," he said.

He ended up commissioning a portrait of the stuffed bunny Zoe has coveted since she was in diapers.

Stephane secretly brought the bunny, named Pin Pin, to The Heirloomist's studio while Zoe was at school. We photographed and returned the bunny before school let out that day. Our friends at Framebridge then framed and delivered the photograph to Stephane's Brooklyn, NY home in under a week. The result was a completely surprised birthday girl.

"Now she can remember crossing into her teenage years along with her friend Pin Pin. And no matter how much time passes, Pin Pin can be with her...in her room, dorm room or new home… wherever," Stephane said.

This is a concept we at The Heirloomist LOVE-- turning a childhood keepsake into a cool piece of art that works anywhere.

We had a blast being in on the surprise, Stephane. You have our vote for Father of the Year!

Stephane is the Owner and President of Castel, a luxury textile design firm he runs with his wife Laura. They just opened their first store front on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. Click here to follow the @Castelmaison team on Instagram and here to like them on Facebook.