When your resume includes Deputy State Director for Senator John McCain, Senior Associate at a law firm, and mother to two young boys, all that drive has to come from somewhere right?

For Brooke Purcell, this photograph explains it all. It is the shoe shine box her father used when he was kid in Phoenix doing everything he could to earn money. (The story goes that when he saw other kids charging 10 cents, he decided his shines were worth 15.)

"My dad is one of the hardest working people I know; he gave me my drive and work ethic, " wrote Brooke.

Her father has since come to be known as one of Phoenix's most successful restauranteurs, expanding even internationally.  If you know Bobby McGee's, you know Bob Sikora.

Much like her father's character, Brooke went big with this 4.5ft tall photograph. She hung it in her high rise office at her San Francisco law firm. "To remind me everyday of my dad's hard work and determination."

Brooke, you are an inspiration. We could not be more proud to know you. Thank you for letting us capture the glory of your dad's modest roots and celebrate all the abundance you turned it into!

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