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Art the size of...babies!

When Liz Sherwood's husband's prized calculator finally went caput, she called us to give it a new life. 

Her husband, Tom, writes:

"It was a rite of passage gift for every Wall Street training program, newly minted “bond geek”.  In the 1980s, it was a Hewlett-Packard 12c - a handheld “computer” capable of fast financial calculations.  And by the time I joined the ranks in 1993, the computer had grown into the remarkable HP 17c.... larger, more powerful, dare I say cooler than its predecessor.  Possibly the geekiest “tool of a trade” known to humankind, young college grads would carry these calculators around New York City bond trading floors as if they were surgical tools.  Although over the years, the novelty of this item would (thankfully) wear off, my 17b remained by my side for nearly 25 years of work.  Until one day, after doing yet another in a long line of tiny battery replacements, it no longer turned on.  The only thing that remained was my name, etched with a paperclip, right above the now defunct keyboard.  An etching that had been done decades ago so I could keep track of my own 17b, among 30 other new trainees.  I couldn’t just toss it out, and yet there was no rehabilitating it.  That is, until my wife told me about the Heirloomist.  And now, I feel fortunate to say that in a home office I now use more than I ever could have imagined in this “WFH” world, my trusty tool sits above me, reminding me that being a wonk is ok...and sweet nostalgia, well that’s even better.  It’s what The Heirloomist is all about."

LIZ: we see you multitasking! Photoshoot with art AND BABIES.  Thanks for this adorable picture of Tom's art. Fun mom alert!