Surfer and fisherman Steve Senese is a fixture on beaches from Montauk to Southern California. He’s the friendly face that just about everyone seems to know. It is not uncommon, his daughter in law Kristin notes, to find him out on the beach making jewelry from fishing wire for the kids. 
Steve passed his love of the the ocean on to his son, Corey, who is a renowned surfer and owner of Montauk’s famous surf school Corey's Wave. For the Seneses, the ocean is literally a family affair.

We recently had a chance to photograph something personal of Steve’s from the quieter times… decades worth of tidal logs. The logs contain notes and observations on the surf, the beach, and any thing of interest going on. Sent to us by Corey’s wife Kristin, the logs represent a life well lived at the water’s edge. Thank you, Kristin and the Senese family for sharing your story. 
This image is part of a larger on going Heirloomist project about surf artifacts. Stay tuned to for more.