Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Beth Chappo went to a horse race dressed to the nines on the day she would serendipitously meet her future husband. But she stopped off at home before meeting a friend out for dinner that night. That's where she changed into an easy comfy sweatshirt. After some hard life changes, she said, she was only in the mood for her close circle of friends and a casual night. Meeting someone new was not on her radar.  "God had other plans that night,” Beth wrote. ”He walked in and he walked up.....and the rest is history,” she wrote of meeting her husband, John.

As a fashion blogger for Seersucker and Saddles, Beth knows a few things about being stylish and she is well known for her authentic voice. Fitting then that she would want to make some personalized art for her master bedroom remodel. This photograph is of THE sweatshirt Beth changed into the night she met John.

Making this photograph was a true celebration of something so personal yet so light and fun--what we love to do most at The Heirloomist and what we definitely love most about Beth.

Honored to be part of your home, Beth! Thank you for making our artwork so darn stylish.