Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

From our Professional Women's Project*

In 2010, Jaime Schmidt was making natural plant based deodorant in her Portland, OR kitchen to sell at local farmer's markets. Less than ten years later, her company, Schmidt's Naturals, has been acquired by Unilever and is a force in the natural body care market. That's quite a journey and one hell of a success story. This photograph is of her first prototype.
The Schmidt's Naturals founder writes:

"When I first started making and selling Schmidt’s Deodorant in 2010, I packaged it in mason jars found at my local grocery store. My friend and talented illustrator Rick sketched a photo of me wearing an old timey bonnet for my logo. At the time, the branding had the perfect aesthetic for getting my footing at the Portland farmers markets. Over time, I rebranded under the modern aesthetic Schmidt's Naturals is known for today, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the original packaging, born from humble origins in my Portland kitchen."

​Jaime, thank you for this fun collaboration and for letting us celebrate your story with this awesome photograph. 

*The Heirloomist will soon debut a collection of still life photographs exploring symbolic objects and heirlooms of exceptional business women and female entrepreneurs. The project is inspired by the thinkers, makers, and leaders who go big with their ideas. In heels.