Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Missy Riegel's Charm Necklace

Missy Riegel wears a charm necklace that she rarely takes off but she reluctantly did so when her sister in law, Amanda Riegel, asked to borrow it. The result was a surprise birthday gift from Amanda and Chip Riegel, this fun portrait of the necklace that represents “everything that’s near and dear,” Missy said.
There is the lock from her grandmother’s keychain.“She drove a fantastic blue Bently.” 
Her mother’s guard ring from 1976 is made of rubies, sapphires and diamonds for the bicentennial. There are heart charms for all of her beloved god children and odes to each of her dogs, Zamboni and Stanley, who are both literally named after hockey terms.
And then there is the one that started it all.
“The ‘LOVE’ charm was given to my mother by my father. I ‘borrowed’ the charm from my mother and never gave it back!” Missy said.

Thank you, Riegel family for sharing this fun and record setting project with us. Nine heirlooms in one picture! You are full of life and kindness and we had a blast working with you.