Tiffany Pokorny of Seattle, WA has hundreds of postcards from her grandparents dating back to the 1940's. Some are from their personal collection, some they sent to Tiffany when she was a kid. All highlight an adventuresome duo who loved exploring-- and loved Tiffany. 

"My grandfather, who we all only ever call 'Captain' retired from the Coast Guard when I was born in 1973. He owned a consulting company which had him traveling all over the world in the late 70's early 80's," Tiffany writes. The postcards come from every corner of the globe but her favorite, she said, is from Nice, France. The message on the back reads "Gammy and I are hob-nobbing with the jet set". 

Messages such as this--little pockets of personality and spirit that get preserved through objects-- are the glorious little tidbits we chase after here at The Heirloomist.

Tiffany has been wanting to make the postcard collection part of her home for awhile.
"I had always wanted to find a way to display them, but mounting them just felt wrong. When I saw The Heirloomist's work,  I knew I had finally found a way to highlight their experiences, and the interesting genre of postcard art."

Thank you, Tiffany, for choosing The Heirloomist to illustrate your grandparent's adventures and for sharing their story. We're betting Captain George W. Walker and his first mate, Lucy Walker, are pleased with this fun tribute.