Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Ye olde family lore goes like this: my grandfather, who ran a successful photography business for many years, one day resigned himself to the fact that in retirement, he had no use for all of his camera equipment. So he went down to the local photography shop and he sold it all. Days later, I showed up for a visit and proudly proclaimed I was going to be a photographer. Kicking himself that he couldn’t pass his cameras on to his granddaughter, he did me one better--photography classes. “So I could earn my own damn camera.”

Cut to many, many years later. I am deep into my career as a commercial photographer when a very thoughtful person gave me this camera (the same kind as my grandfather’s) as a symbolic gift. I photographed it for The Heirloomist’s new studio (coming soon!) because it’s basically a motivational poster...a reminder that the universe provides but only if you earn it. 

Do you have something special that represents your career? Let us turn it into a modern art photograph.