Bubby's Notebook

To most people, it looks like any black and white marbled composition notebook you might use for a school course. But to me, this notebook represents the ever-present, always inspiring and sometimes overwhelming story of my grandmother's Holocaust survival that has been with me literally from the moment I was born. 
The handwritten pages of this book, filled with my grandmother's fancy European script, tell a story that I now know is incredible and even unbelievable at times. As my grandmother began to grow into the role of a very public and prolific storyteller throughout the 1980s and 1990s, this notebook -- and I -- went everywhere she went, sharing her experiences with school groups, community organizations, church and synagogue congregations, museums and more. And once you heard the story, starting with the words, "My name is Paula Dash and I am a survivor of the Holocaust," you never forgot it or her. 
Since my grandmother died in 2007, I have kept the notebook nearby, but always hidden away in a box or a closet. Now, thanks to The Heirloomist's amazing work, I can look at it and remember my hero, over and over again, every single day of my life.

-Allison Nazarian

‚ÄčAuthor, AFTERMATH: A Granddaughter's Story of Legacy, Healing and Hope

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