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Montauk, NY: As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, I always wondered (and still do, a lot of times with huge amounts of anxiety for the unknown) what my child “will be like” - imagine, most parents can have a “normal” set of expectations. But for us, it’s always an unknown; and the simple things you would expect to share and enjoy together with your son, well… they are probably a bit different than most.
Previous to being a father, as a life-long surfer I always dreamed that surfing would be an activity that I would be able to share with and bond with my brood. When Clash was born, you can imagine my idea of parenthood got totally flipped upside down.
So when I was introduced to A Walk On Water a few years ago (thanks to our amazing friend Laura Rubin who introduced me to the organization’s founders) - my expectations were again flipped upside down, but in the most magical way I could have ever imagined! 
Through AWOW I discovered that I could not only share the magical healing powers of the ocean and the surfing culture which I was a part of, but I could also learn along as I shared the lifelong lessons of overcoming fear, the lessons of personal achievement, inclusion, equality, the celebration of individuality and differences, and the importance of sharing love, and the caring, and the bonds of friendship and family that are fostered through the organization. 
So A Walk On Water allowed me to discover for myself, the lesson that rings so true that “anything is possible”, and that perspectives are only a matter of individual perception.
The wetsuits you photographed represent that parent-child bond that I am now able to share with my son through the lifestyle that raised me; the one that has taught me so much, and will continue to teach me for a lifetime. Surfing will and always will be, a part of our life no matter what the circumstances. 
And for that, I am truly blessed. -Walt Lindfeld

Walt (and Laura Rubin too!), thank you for sharing your story with us. Clash is awesome guy and you are a total inspiration.