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Grandfather's Violin

"This child’s violin was my grandfathers. Over the years, as a musician and teacher, he must have used it with countless young people. When I look at this image, I picture my two sisters and me, squirming in the seats as he played his violin in the Albany Symphony. I can imagine his older, fine fingered, accomplished hands, as they wrapped a smaller one around the neck of this violin in instruction. I can hear his quiet, patient voice as he suffered through what must have been some horrible screeching. The old violin has been tucked up in a summer house for many years, neglected and forgotten. The leather case is cracked, the bow in need of repair. I wanted Shana to photograph this object so I could share the image with my sisters and mother. It’s a reminder that the thread of music runs through our veins, but also of the love we share for one another." -Lee Woodruff

Thank you, Lee, for sharing this family treasure AND your writing.