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Food52 Co-Founder and CEO Amanda Hesser is a New York Times best selling author, James Beard award winner, and one of Gourmet's 50 most influential women in food.
But at the root of her many accomplishments you will find something elegantly simple: the fork.
Four generations of women in Amanda’s family made the carbon steel bone handle fork their tool of choice in the kitchen. The bone handle fork dates back to the Civil War era and was originally intended to stab food as it passed on a platter. But in the kitchens of Amanda’s Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, and her own, the forks served as something of an extension of their own hands when cooking, Amanda said. The carbon steel tines are thin and stay sharp over time and the bone materials make for a sturdy weight.
The tradition of using these specific forks turned into a gift giving ritual over the years. Her Grandmother and Mother would comb antique stories on special occasions.
“One was given to me by my mother on my 30th birthday. My grandmother gave me another when I was married. That’s how valuable they are to cooks in my family.” she wrote in a
 2003 New York Times article.

We love the idea that these forks made meals but also memories. Thank you for sharing this tradition with us, Amanda. A terrific tribute to your family. 

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