Why is everyone talking about Brad Burleson around the water cooler? Because his wife curates office art like a boss.

We recently worked with @laurie.h.burleson to custom-make a photograph for her husband's office. “His firm is filled with modern and contemporary art so I wanted to find contemporary artwork for his office and when I saw your work at The Heirloomist, I immediately thought of his tie collection,” Laurie wrote.

These are the emails that thrill us— a chance to pull off our favorite feat; make it modern and MAKE IT PERSONAL.

Pictured are Brad's favorite ties. Many were special gifts or from notable life events. Naturally, the starring role went to the pink tie in the front-- his wedding tie. We used a dark background keeping the office environment in mind but we kept it bright because that’s our job.

Brad even got involved in creating his custom photograph which Laurie noted was a lot of fun for them both. “Seeing your creative ideas was exciting and we had a great time selecting the finished product - and we love it,” Laurie said.

Laurie, thank you for bringing us this genius idea and for encouraging us to get crazy creative.

Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs