Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Tiffany Giddens remembers her mom as always managing to leave the house in style-- even as she endured painful cancer treatments. 

“She never left the house without a few pieces of jewelry,” Tiffany said of her mom. Her favorite piece was this custom name bracelet.

“It was her most prized possession. She was rarely seen without it on,” Tiffany said of the bracelet her dad made as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Kyra Giddens passed away in January. By May, Tiffany had her mom’s bracelet and signature boots on set at our photo studio. We were struck immediately by the fun loving spirit-- both in Tiffany and in Kyra’s accessories. We made the images bold and energetic because even though we didn’t know Kyra, we somehow just felt her stylish energy.

Tiffany will hang her art in of all places, her dressing room. 

“Having these pieces in my dressing room will mean that I will always have her looking over my fashion choices and probably wanting me to add an extra bracelet here and there!“

Tiffany, it was an absolute honor to work with you and to pay tribute to your mom in this most gloriously spirited way.