Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Our job is to turn your keepsakes and heirlooms into fun, meaningful photographs.

Here's everything you need to know about working with The Heirloomist.

1. To begin your Heirloomist order, email us to make an appointment. Have an idea of the object you want photographed, the print size you are interested in ordering, and if you have a deadline. You can ask any questions at any time or schedule a phone call. We will provide you a quote within 24 hours.

2. Once we have you on the schedule, we'll send mailing instructions. Send your object(s) to our photo studio using tracked and insured FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Use plenty of padding. Email us the tracking number so we know to expect our package. Clothing, stuffed animals, and uniforms must be clean and free of pet hair. (We love pets-- but fur makes for messy pictures.)

3. Before your package arrives, let us know of anything specific you want to see or show in your photograph. Ideally, we make creative decisions based on what is best for your image. But it's important for us to know if you have any requests too. For example: "I want my son's name to show on the back of the jersey" or "please display the letters in the order I sent them". It's also best to know if you prefer a vertical or horizontal print or if you don't have a preference.

4. Once we receive your keepsake, it will be photographed within a day or so. On the day of your photoshoot, it is best to be available by email. We email you several versions of your photograph so you can choose your favorite. 

5. Once you've selected your favorite image, the next step is for us to place your print order. Our prints are made at a professional lab and take about a week. 

6. Payment us due when your print order is placed. We accept all credit cards, Venmo (preferred) and Paypal.

7. Your keepsake is returned free of charge, insured, and tracked. 

8. In about a week, your print arrives in a tube. It will be fragile and should ideally be handled only at your frame shop. If you want to open it at home, use a flat surface and clean hands. If your tube arrives with visible damage, photograph the damaged print, tube, and shipping label. We'll replace a damaged print right away. Your print should be framed within a week or two. **Storing prints for more than a week or two is not advised but store the tube upright if you must.

9. The Heirloomist is available for an additional fee to FRAME your art before shipping it to you. We offer black or white wood and prices vary based on your print size. However, we encourage clients to work with a local framer when possible. Shipping art is expensive and working with a local business supports your community and allows your money to be spent on a fantastic frame, not a freight charge.