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We couldn’t explain it but when we got this Army utility shirt on set, the sleeves wanted to be rolled up. It was as if "ready to work” and “ready for anything” were just the natural resting stance for this piece of historical fabric. We weren’t sure if our client, Kelly Frankenreider, would like it but we went with it.

Goosebump alert: Kelly went for it. And when she sent this photograph of her father actually wearing his utility shirt in the DMZ zone of Korea in 1970, it all made sense.
Seemed like a great story to share on this day as we honor our veterans. To the men and women who served and to those constantly working to protect our country, we salute you today. We salute you EVERYDAY.

Kelly, thank you for letting us share your family’s proud military heritage and this handsome photograph of your dad, Jim Frankenreider.