When Interior Designer Tara Engelberg gave her husband the photograph she commissioned of his prize Seattle Seahawks jersey, he thought she framed the actual shirt. Celebrating every rip, tear, and wrinkle is the Heirloomist way and we get so excited when people appreciate it!  Tara, thank you for letting us capture this awesome piece of personal history for you and your husband. Read the touching story of the jersey below.

“When I first started dating my now husband,  he frequently wore an old, raggedy, and torn Seattle Seahawks jersey to bed.  I asked him what the deal was with the shirt, and he told me it was from his dad who bought it for him while away on business.  Football was a bond that my husband and his dad shared, so this shirt was meaningful to him.  His dad passed away a few years ago, and it was around this time I noticed my husband stopped wearing the jersey. One day, while putting away laundry,  I came across it buried at the bottom of his pajama drawer.  I realized that my husband must have stopped wearing the shirt because he was afraid it would disintegrate and completely fall apart.  At this moment, I remembered seeing an article in Oprah Magazine about The Heirloomist, and how it was a way to preserve meaningful objects through photographs. Being an interior designer, I kept the article, thinking I would use it for one of my clients.  You can guess where this story is going!  A large photograph of the Seattle Seahawks jersey now hangs proudly in my husband’s office.  The photograph is unbelievably realistic- my husband initially thought I had the actual shirt framed!  The Heirloomist did an incredible job of capturing every detail fo the shirt- every rip and tear is highlighted, every wrinkle accentuated.  I love that no matter what happens to the jersey, my husband will always have the photograph to remember his dad. “

-Tara Engelberg