Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

​​Picture it. You are 11 years old  and it's 1981. You're on a family trip to visit your grandparents.  While on the trip, your father, brother and uncle take you on a family outing. To a Rolling Stones concert. 

This sort of thing might leave an impression on such a young kid. For Ramie Egan, that's exactly what happened. He grew up loving music so much, he turned it into a career.

Now a notable San Fransisco concert producer for Golden Gate Presents, whose company mantra is "WE MEASURE OUR SUCCESS NOT IN TICKETS SOLD, BUT IN GOOSEBUMPS RAISED," it's safe to say this music executive has come a long way. So for his recent birthday gift, his wife took it straight back to where it all started.

"I knew he kept bags of ticket stubs in his office," Annie told us. She managed to dig up THE ONE. 

“The Rolling Stones at The Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY. I was eleven,” Ramie remembers in detail. “As part of a family trip to my grandparents in Cazenovia, NY, we went to the newly christened Carrier Dome. I believe it was the fifth concert ever held there. My brother, my father and uncle were the crew,” he said.

Annie commissioned this 3ft long photograph of the ticket stub, which now hangs in the couple's home,  as a larger-than-life tribute all the accomplishments of that kid at the Stones concert.

Annie, this was such a fun surprise, thank you for letting us in on Ramie’s gift!