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The record has been shattered for most fun and thoughtful friend.

Brittany and Lou met while studying abroad at Cambridge. They have been the type of friends that are basically family for 20 years.

Lou turned 40 this year and his bestie had huge plans for him--a celebration reunion trip to England. COVID cancelled those plans. In a classic best friend move, Brittany brought England to Lou. She reimagined the party room at the Lexington Country Club as a PUB, complete with fish and chips. As a gift, Brittany and her husband secretly stole Lou's prized Cambridge hoodie and overnighted it to our studio to be photographed. This is the life size photograph of the sweatshirt in all its well-loved glory. 

Brittany, your determination to toast your friend in style is an inspiration!  Start to finish you were so much fun to work with, thank you for including us in Lou's surprise. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOU!