A seven year old armed with a friendship bracelet has proven the theory true—you really do get what you give.

We recently received a handwritten note from Anne Douglas Durtschi, 7, from Lexington, KY, thanking us for the art we made for her family.

“It was the first letter she had ever addressed on her own,” her mom, @mrsd_ , told us.

“I hope you like the friendship bracelet I made for you.” And I MELTED. Right there in front of my mailbox.

This past year has been such a jerk. I’ve admittedly been so laser focussed on delivering the spirited artwork we promise that I hadn’t really stopped to soak in the joy it brings me. But here was the proof right in front of me.

You guys all know by now about an Heirloomist tradition— to have your picture taken with your Heirloomist art. Well, it’s high time I got in on the fun. Pictured is me, the boss lady herself, with a photograph of Anne Douglas’ expertly written letter. It’s now framed for our photo studio to remind us—give joy and you’ll get it back.
Anne Douglas, a good fashion accessory and a handwritten thank you note is our kind of style! Thank you for my bracelet, I will wear it and think if your thoughtfulness.

I feel incredibly lucky to be here with you all photographing your heirlooms and telling your stories. It’s fun, humbling, and it’s an honor. We have some incredible stuff waiting for you in the new year. Happy Holidays #HeirloomistFamily!

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