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If you aren’t superstitious about fortune cookies, maybe this will help.
One night in Boston’s Chinatown, a table full of old friends gathered to celebrate the newly engaged Michael Driscoll and his financee, Michele.
When the waiter brought a tray of fortune cookies after the meal, Michael declared he would take the last one— to let fate decide his fortune.
The entire restaurant erupted in cheer when his cookie broke open. “You and your wife will be happy in your life together,” it read.
Michele slipped the fortune into her purse. She framed it and gave it to Michael on their wedding day. For 25 years, the fortune lived in a frame.
To celebrate Michael’s (quarantined) birthday this year, Michele went all out and let us free the fortune from its frame. She commissioned this larger-than-life photograph and asked us to add the cookie for a fresh twist. We 100% loved this collaboration.
And OH MAN did that fortune cookie mean business—the couple now has 5 amazing kids and now lives in Orlando. Thank you, Michele, for letting us make this awesome tribute to Michael! What a way to #showusyourheirloom