Turn prize possessions and family heirlooms into modern art photographs.

The Key to Room 309

Ann Marie Del Bello's mother, Martha, was a secondary mathmatics teacher in South Carolina for 45 years. This key is from one of her classrooms.

"I was home for my mom's 70th birthday when I saw the key. I was instantly drawn to it," Ann Marie said.

"My mom remembers every detail about this key--what she taught, the school," she added.

As the most terrific tribute we can think of, Ann Marie turned the key into a necklace giving her fashion-forward style a salute to her heritage. Ann Marie is an adventurous New Yorker and beverage manager for Greenwich Village hotspot Loring Place. Stop in for a cocktail and a bite and say hello to Ann Marie. (You'll know her by the key!) Some of their drinks are inspired by her mom so while you are there, hoist a cocktail in honor of Martha and teachers everywhere.

Thank you, Ann Marie, for sharing this fun story and for being SUCH a good sport when we pitched this idea in the middle of the bar!