We’re kinda busy crying right now and also speechless so we’re gonna let Brandon, who is actually wearing his treasured heirloom, take it away:

“I have so many pictures of my Dad where he’s traveling - surfing in Costa Rica, sipping on rum runners in the Bahamas and just living life to the fullest. In a lot of the pictures, he’s wearing these sunglasses. I was 9 years old when I lost my Dad and not a day passes that I don’t think of him. On Father’s Day my wife gave me several cards, each with a different picture of my dad. The last card was in a gift bag and in it was a picture of my dad wearing the sunglasses and theactualsunglasses - which I didn’t realize my mom still had! Then I walked downstairs to see this incredible photograph hanging on the wall. It immediately brought tears to my eyes. It’s the perfect marriage of art and sentiment and a constant reminder that my Dad is always watching over us. Thank you, Heirloomist for making this all possible! Best gift ever.”

@jubickdawson, this is next-level Father’s Day gift-giving goals! Thank you for being so fun to work with and for making us a part of your husband’s surprise. @bdawson84 , you wear your dad’s glasses extremely well, sir!

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