This knit doll is stuffed with four generations of love.

Kathryn Christenson, 103 years old, knitted dolls for each of her three grandchildren. Gahan Christenson was one of them. 

Pictured here is Gahan's doll being handed down to her daughter, Constance, Kathryn's great grand daughter.

"She has never made me anything before and that is why it is so special. My daughter is the only great grandchild so I feel that it is even more special to get that photo of them," Gahan writes. 
Gahan goes on to write about getting an Heirloomist print made of the doll. "Seeing the photo has sparked conversation about my grandmother and the doll, which is what I wanted. No one really asked about the doll before when they saw it. Something about photographing it makes people ask."

Gahan and Christenson family, thank you so much for letting us make art of out this generations-long keepsake.

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