Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

Right about now you might be wondering why anyone would want to photograph an heirloom when they already have the actual heirloom to enjoy. The answer can be many things. This one is tribute. Erin Bushnell of Philadelphia writes:

​"A few months after my mom suddenly passed away, I bought my first home and I wanted to find a way to honor her memory in my new place. My mom grew up in the South, so her cooking was always a big part of our family gatherings. She used this Roux Paddle to made countless pots of gumbo and jambalaya. Although many of her recipes were just in her head, we did have a recipe book written in her hand that she gave to my brother when he went away to college. "Fried Chicken Like Mom Used to Make" was the perfect recipe to highlight. I look forward to looking over at my Heirloomist photograph while I cook, knowing my mom is right beside me telling me to just keep stirring that roux."

Erin, a sincere thank you for sending us your mom's stuff and allowing us to be part of this fantastic tribute.  Keep stirring!