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They gave me my college diploma and I moved to New York City immediately. I headed straight for Greenwich Village drawn in by its captivating history and quaint sense of community. It did not disappoint.
Down the block from my first apartment was the pharmacy. This wasn’t just any pharmacy though— they had chandeliers there. And a cat. Apothecary glass lined the walls and if you were lucky, you’d see SJP casually buying toothpaste.

This was—and is— C.O. Bigelow — America’s oldest apothecary and Greenwich Village’s most treasured local business. The same family has kept the doors open through world wars, pandemics, hurricanes, and September 11.

A hundred years before me and SJP, Thomas Edison used their salve on his hands while testing light bulbs. Mark Twain had a house account. The recipes chemists formulated during this era are still used to this day. Pictured is one of them. This 115 year old amber bottle contains Bigelow’s first musk fragrance formula. It remains a best selling product.

Also pictured is the equally iconic president of C.O. Bigelow, Ian Ginsberg. His reverence for the past while keeping his eye on the future is what keeps Bigelow a successful family affair.

I bet you all have a local business in your town similar to Bigelow— a people powered and family run organization with a long tradition and dedication to the community. SUPPORT THEM NOW MORE THAN EVER.

You can also support Bigelow from anywhere— the apothecary’s formulas and products are all available at www.bigelowchemists.com.

C.O. Bigelow, it was an absolute honor to get to turn our lens on this symbolic artifact. Thank you for trusting us with it and THANK YOU for being a constant community treasure.