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The Kids Size Alabama Football Tee, 1978

by Deb Baum
It's hard to truly capture the meaning of Alabama football to my husband Matt - it's in his blood, a part of his being. He's been this way since he was a little boy. He can recall the score of any game in the last 30 years. Simply put, Alabama football is what people think of when they think of Matt. 
As with many fans, football becomes the rhythm of our lives every fall: the build up over the days and weeks leading to a game, the nerves, the gathering of our family, the yelling and swearing at the TV, the post-game analysis. Yes, it's football, but it's more than football. It's a meaningful link to Matt's past, to his Southern roots, to his dad - born and raised in Montgomery - and his grandfather, who attended University of Alabama. He proudly carries on their fervor. 
Matt wore this shirt when he attended his first Alabama football game at the age of 8, along with his dad Charles, in 1982. The t-shirt was saved and found its way back to us when we had children. Both of our kids wore it, and of course, outgrew it. Then, it went into our own "save" pile. 
I asked The Heirloomist to photograph the shirt as a Father's Day gift for Matt this year. It's a symbol of something he holds dear and a reminder of a deep connection and love he shared with his own dad, who passed away this year.

‚ÄčThe Heirloomist sends a sincere thank you to the the Baum family for sharing their fantastic tradition and story. This little shirt has big meaning and is a perfect example of how "things" hold greater meaning in our lives. Celebrate them! And go Bama'.