Amy Anshell's grandmother Mildred passed away one month before her wedding. “She was smart, funny, fashionable, warm and so loving,” writes Amy.” I always knew she was there for me no matter what. This is why it was particularly difficult when she passed away.”

At Amy’s rehearsal dinner, her uncle presented her with a gift--a handwritten note that he found in Mildred’s belongings after she passed. The note was entitled “Special Recipe For a Happy Marriage”.

“I like to think it was her way of letting me know she was with me on that special weekend,” Amy said.

Amy’s husband, Adam, had the note photographed as her birthday gift recently.(What a guy!) It now hangs in their Chicago home. They just welcomed their second baby a few months ago. It’s a girl. Her name is Millie. Pass the tissues please. 

Adam, thank you for making us part of this special gift.

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