Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs

The All American Drive-In, Long Island, New York

The Heirloomist salutes this New York City client for pulling off just the right amount of keeping-it-real when she remodeled her kitchen; she turned a paper bag from her hometown hamburger stand into modern art.

“I had been searching the galleries during the renovation for the right piece of art for this space but nothing was really resonating. One day I was back home visiting my mother and I popped into All American for a burger. This place has been open for almost 55 years and we used to go as kids. When they handed me my order, I looked at the bag and I knew. I called Shana that afternoon.”

Massapequa, Long Island legend All American Drive-In, we salute you too! (They haven't changed their recipes since 1963.)