Turn keepsakes & family heirlooms into personalized modern art photographs


Shana Novak is an established commercial still life photographer based in New York City. She has collaborated with brands such as Bloomingdale's, Proctor & Gamble, Rolling Stone, and Time magazine ensuring that every client is treated to an expert level of quality and visual story telling. For more about Novak's commercial work, visit www.shananovak.com

"Shana Novak, a photographer and insightful creative, recognizes how deeply personal artifacts define us, and reflect our nature to seek connection through the physical world. Her commissioned portraits are realized through elaborate photo shoots, each artfully produced to evoke the object’s essence. Her creative process begins with the stories behind each item – including memories, relationships, and experiences. Then using strategic lighting, and inspired positioning, Novak conjures the heirloom’s true spirit and captures it on film to preserve for generations to come. Shana Novak works under the moniker The Heirloomist out of her New York City studio."  

-The Fuller Museum, Brockton, MA


Objects have personalities and it's our job to make them shine. We once spent 3 hours getting the expression just right in a teddy bear's eyes. We use the highest quality cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and printing processes. We realize it might sound crazy to send an heirloom off to a photoshoot, but we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Start to finish, all heirlooms are treated like fine art.



Our belongings tell stories of who we are & where we come from. Often our "stuff" lives in the back of the closet or is too fragile to display. Photographing an heirloom gives it new life & pays tribute to its story.  No matter how worn, torn, or odd, your story should be celebrated.​ Custom Heirloomist prints personalize gift giving and home decor and never grow outdated.